Going green is steadily becoming the new black. In fact, many American made clothing lines are offering products that are comprised of eco friendly materials only. Businesses are steering toward environmentally safe clothing for their employees and even for retail purposes, as well. 

1. Designers are Debuting Eco Clothing
Some of the top names in fashion are designing eco friendly clothing for their shows and for distribution. These names might be dominating the department stores and the runways, but these designers still realize the importance of preserving the world around them.

In February 2005, organic materials truly hit the mainstream when Barneys—a high-end retailer—hosted a special event known as FutureFashion. You know if Barneys dubbed it FutureFashion, then it must be the future of fashion. This show was part of New York’s Fashion Week, and was a concept that was derived from EarthPledge—a nonprofit environment group—and Barneys.

2. More People are Realizing the Impact on the Environment
As time goes on, more and more people are realizing the dangers that harmful chemicals and inorganic materials impose on the world around them. Whether someone notices the climatic changes due to the green house effect or discovers the impact that chemicals have on the plants and wildlife, it is becoming more and more obvious that the products that human beings are using are hazardous to the world around them. When a problem like this becomes relevant in a person’s life change occurs, which can lead to the use of organic products like eco friendly clothing. 

3. Dangers of the Chemicals in the Clothing
Reports are surfacing regarding the dangers of the chemical used to make inorganic clothing. Since the public is becoming more and more aware of these warnings, more people are turning to environmentally friendly options. One prime factor to consider when you are deciding on purchasing a uniform for your employees or for retail stores is the effect the clothing may have on them in the long run. For instance, certain clothing is treated using abrasive chemicals that are known carcinogens. 

4. More People are Following the “Go Green” Lifestyle
From buying energy efficient light bulbs to purchasing eco friendly clothing, people are jumping on the “go green” bandwagon. What started out as a concept of helping the environment has actually became a trendy lifestyle. Celebrities and large corporations are conserving the environment, which is getting the “go green” idea noticed. Even magazines are featuring eco friendly apparel.

It is becoming quite apparent that being environmentally friendly is necessary to preserve the world you know for future generations. Various aspects of your life can include activities or items that reduce your carbon footprint. Clothing, such as printed t-shirts and uniforms contain harmful products, so by ordering organic versions, you can really have a significant influence on the environment. Not to mention, you will be early when it comes to switching to eco friendly clothing, which will be the future.

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